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Joker Malware: Google Play Store Deleted 50 Joker Malware Infected Apps

50 Apps Deleted by Google Play Store

According to Zscaler Threatlabz, 50 apps on the Google Play Store has been infected by the Joker Malware. However, Google Play Store has banned and deleted several apps that were infected by the Joker Malware.

What is Joker Malware?

Joker Malware is one of the most well-known malware which exploits Android devices. It manages to take advantage of Google’s official app store with the help of its trail signatures which includes updating the virus’s code, execution process, and payload-retrieval techniques. This malware is capable of stealing users’ personal information including contact details, device data, WAP services, and SMS messages.

List of deleted apps

The apps included in this list are deleted by Google Play Store and it recommends the user uninstall the app if downloaded.

  1. Universal PDF Scanner
  2. Private Message
  3. Premium SMS
  4. Smart Messages
  5. Text Emoji SMS
  6. Blood Pressure Checker
  7. Funny Keyboard
  8. Memory Silent Camera
  9. Custom-Themed Keyboard
  10. Light Messages
  11. Themes Photo Keyboard
  12. Send SMS
  13. Themes Chat Messenger
  14. Instant Messenger
  15. Cool Keyboard
  16. Font Emoji Keyboard
  17. Mini PDF Scanner
  18. Smart SMS Messages
  19. Creative Emoji Keyboard
  20. Fancy SMS
  21. Fonts Emoji Keyboard
  22. Personal Message
  23. Funny Emoji Message
  24. Magic Photo Editor
  25. Professional Messages
  26. All Photo Translators
  27. Chat SMS
  28. Smile Emoji
  29. Wow Translator
  30. All Language Translator
  31. Cool Messages
  32. Blood Pressure Diary
  33. Chat Text SMS
  34. Hi Text SMS
  35. Emoji Theme Keyboard
  36. iMessager
  37. Text SMS
  38. Camera Translator
  39. Come Messages
  40. Painting Photo Editor
  41. Rich Theme Message
  42. Quick Talk Message
  43. Advanced SMS
  44. Professional Messenger
  45. Classic Game Messenger
  46. Style Message
  47. Private Game Messages
  48. Timestamp Camera
  49. Social Message
  50. Simple Note Scanner

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