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Kashmir’s Aliya Mir honoured with Wildlife Conservation Award 2023

Kashmir's Aliya Mir honoured with Wildlife Conservation Award 2023_4.1

Wildlife Conservation Award 2023

The Union Territory has awarded wildlife conservationist Aliya Mir for her exceptional efforts in conservation. Aliya is the first woman from Jammu and Kashmir to work for Wildlife SOS and is the first woman in the region to receive this honour. She received the award from Lt. Manoj Sinha at the World Forestry Day celebrations hosted by the Jammu and Kashmir Collective Forests. Aliya was recognized for her remarkable contributions to wildlife conservation, including rescuing and releasing wild animals, caring for injured animals, and saving bears in Kashmir.

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About the Aliya Mir

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Aliya Mir, who serves as the Head of Education System in the Wildlife SOS Program, is known for her remarkable efforts in rescuing a wide range of wild animals, including birds, Asiatic black bears, and Himalayan brown bears. She has also gained fame for her ability to catch snakes and releasing them back into the wild. Aliya’s notable rescues include the Levantine viper, a venomous snake, from the regional residence of the then chief minister, which made headlines due to its size of about 2 kg, and a viral video of her rescuing a snake trapped in a scooter in Jahangir Chowk.

What is Wildlife SOS?

Wildlife SOS is a non-profit organization based in India that focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in distress, particularly those that have been subjected to cruelty and exploitation. The organization was founded in 1995 and has since rescued thousands of wild animals, including elephants, bears, leopards, and reptiles, among others. Wildlife SOS operates various rescue centers and rehabilitation facilities across India, providing veterinary care, nutrition, and rehabilitation programs for the rescued animals. In addition to its rescue efforts, Wildlife SOS also conducts educational programs and awareness campaigns aimed at promoting conservation and animal welfare.

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