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SIPRI Report: India emerges as largest importer of arms

SIPRI Report: India emerges as largest importer of arms_4.1

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has released its latest report on Trends in International Arms Transfer, 2021. As per the report, India and Saudi Arabia emerged as the largest importers of arms between 2017-21. Both two countries accounted for 11% of all global arms sales. Egypt (5.7%), Australia (5.4%) and China (4.8%) were the next three largest importers respectively in the top 5.

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The report placed India at the top of the list. 85% of India’s overall imports were from three countries. Russia (46%), France (27%), and the USA (12%) were the top three largest exporters of arms to India during the period.

Largest Arms Exporters in 2017-21

  • USA, with 39% share, retained its standing as the world’s largest arms exporters during 2017-21.
  • Russia (19%), France (11%), China (4.6%) and Germany (4.5%) were among the top 5 largest exporters respectively.
  • India was 23rd largest exporter during 2017-21, with a share of just 0.2% of the global exports.

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SIPRI Report: India emerges as largest importer of arms_5.1

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