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Dhaka Literary Festival 10th edition to be on 5-8 January

10th edition of Dhaka Literary Festival

The 10th edition of Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF), the largest international literary festival in Bangladesh, which was postponed three years in a row owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, is scheduled for January 5-8, 2023. The Bangla Academy in Dhaka’s historic grounds will serve as the venue for the event.

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Dhaka Literary Festival 10th edition: Key Points

  • In a press release on Friday, Sadaf Saaz, Ahsan Akbar, and Kazi Anis Ahmed—the festival’s three directors—confirmed the information.
  • The Dhaka Lit Fest has long been a well-liked annual occasion on Bangladesh’s winter calendar. The eighth Dhaka Lit Fest, which was most recently held in 2019, attracted almost 30,000 attendees.
  • Over the course of the four days, there will be a variety of discussions and dialogues as well as film screenings, art displays, musical performances, and cultural performances.
  • Out of the more than 200 speakers scheduled to attend the 2023 edition, the DLF directors have released their initial roster of 25 speakers.

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Dhaka Literary Festival 10th edition: Attendees

The first list features Orhan Pamuk, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Nuruddin Farah, Amitav Ghosh, Hanif Kureishi, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Pankaj Mishra, Tilda Swinton, Jon Lee Anderson, Onjali Rauf, Sarah Churchwell, Gitanjali Shree, Daisy Rockwell, Esther Freud, Matthieu Aikins, Alexandra Pringle, Andrey Kurkov, Asma Khan, Dame Sarah Gilbert, Anisul Hoque, Mashrur Arefin, Jaya Ahsan, Kamal Naser Chowdhury, Zafar Iqbal and Marina Tabassum.

The winners of the Pulitzer, International Booker, Neustadt International, PEN/Pinter, Prix Médicis, Academy Award, Windham-Campbell Prize, Albert Medal, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, Aga Khan Award, and other prestigious awards will participate at the 10th edition in 2023. The 10th edition will also feature two Nobel Prize-winning authors and speakers from around the world.

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About Dhaka Literary Festival

  • The Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF), founded in 2011 with the goal of showcasing Dhaka and Bangladeshi literature and culture to the world, is directed by Sadaf Saaz, Ahsan Akbar, and Kazi Anis Ahmed.
  • The festival’s primary concentration is on literature, but it also embraces culture and ideas more generally, sparking debates on a variety of subjects, from poetry and translations to science and mathematics to philosophy and religion to fiction and literary non-fiction to history, politics, and society.

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